Alex Griffin

Alex Griffin is a writer and researcher currently living in Melbourne. His work has appeared in places like Going Down Swinging, The Sydney Morning Herald, Westerly and Overland. He loves Boris Groys and hates the beach.

But Why Am I Telling You this? You Are Not Even Here: Against Defining the Suburb

When I was 17 and finishing my high school exams the petrol station around the corner from our house exploded. I didn’t hear it but my twin brother did: he jingled the keys and we drove in his Subaru ute to check out the damage.

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The Gates to Dismaland

A coastline, strung by (Larkin) ‘forgotten boredom,’ studded with distant faux pas. London Bridge, falling or nay, Wet meat-like Though ’tis like a wedge, Simon Cowell The snoring cliffs ask ’tis not? falls from the whether fun was ever the …

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