3 Inger-Mari Aikio Translations

By and | 1 February 2020


what if all my men
were to gather around me
at the same time,
the dead ones too,

young in the morning,
in the evening just as they are
or would be
if they lived

what would they say or do?
what would I?
who would want me?
who would I?

and what about the ones I bedded
in my loneliness
or my horniness?
the ones I really loved?

the seeds of feelings, of men
clouded a hundred times
mixed a hundred times,
a hundred who dropped their antlers


moson jus oktii
buot mu albmát
čoahkkanivčče mu lusa
maiddái dat
geat leat jo jápmán

iđđes dakkárin
go ledje nuorran
eahkedis dakkárin
go leat dál
dahje livčče
jus ealášedje

maid dajašedje?
maid dagašedje?
maid mun?
geat vel
háliidivčče muinna?
geainna mun?

mo dat geaiguin anašin
dušše danin go ledjen oktonas
dahje go in lean
fidnen guhkes áigái?
naba dat geaid
duođai ráhkistin?

dovdduid siepmanat
albmáid siepmanat
čuođi geardde seahkanan
čuođi geardde nohkan
čuohte gova seđđon
čuohte albmá nulppagan

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