Kasper Salonen

Kasper Salonen is a bilingual spoken word poet and translator from Helsinki, Finland. He graduated with a major in English philology from the University of Helsinki in 2015, and has performed psychedelic performance poetry in both his native languages, English and Finnish, since 2010. He is also a long-time active member and producer in the Helsinki Poetry Connection community. In 2014, Salonen self-published a collection of his early English poetry (Correlations) and a five-track spoken word album (Jigsaw EP). He has several projects forthcoming, including cross-disciplinary collaborations as well as his Finnish debut poetry collection and a selection of his translations from legendary poet Arto Melleri (both from Enostone, 2020). Salonen has translated the work of numerous Finnish poets into English and organized more than 50 multilingual poetry events.

3 Inger-Mari Aikio Translations

hundred what if all my men were to gather around me at the same time, the dead ones too, young in the morning, in the evening just as they are or would be if they lived what would they say …

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