4 Poems Translated by Gabriel Sylvian

By | 29 June 2011

오래된 書籍 (Old Book)

10월 (October)

그 날 (That Day)

포도밭 묘지 1 (Vineyard Cemetery 1)

Gi Hyeongdo was born in 1960 in Gyeonggi Province, Korea. He began publishing poems during his college years at Yonsei University, where he majored in Political Diplomacy. He received the Yun Dongju Literary Prize as a university student. While working as a reporter for the Jungang Ilbo in 1984, he began publishing poems marked by powerful individuality and “an intensely pessimistic world view”. His formal debut was the New Year’s Poetry Contest sponsored by the Donga Ilbo for his celebrated poem FOG (Angae). On March 7, 1989, he died of apoplexy seizure at a late-night theatre in Jongro. Collections include BLACK LEAF IN MY MOUTH (1989, published posthumously), a collection of prose writings entitled RECORDS OF SHORT JOURNEYS (1990), and his COMPLETE WORKS (1999).

Read Terry Jaensch’s interview with Gi Hyeongdo’s translator, Gabriel Sylvian.

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