Shane McCauley

Review Short: Shane McCauley’s Trickster

It is something of a paradigm in literary criticism (poetics included) to couple West Australians with place. Of late Tim Winton and John Kinsella have occupied this ground, but it is there in thinking about Randolph Stow and Dorothy Hewett and many more besides. It was Winton, after all, who wrote – ‘we come from ‘the wrong side of the wrong continent in the wrong hemisphere”. The place, thought of quite literally as location, is simply ‘wrong’, meaning not quite right, meaning askew. This is to say nothing of the spirit here, or how, for a great number of people (some Noongars and others included), this always was and always will be the very centre of the world.

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Impressions of Modern Korean Poetry in Translation

Compared with Korean poetry, there is an avalanche of translations available of the Chinese and Japanese poets, and most poetry-readers would have some familiarity with Li Po, Tu Fu, Wang Wei, Basho and others. But how many have heard of Hwang Jin Yi, Han Yong Un, Pak Mogwol, Ko Un, Kim Chiha?

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After Hwang Jin Yi (1506-1544)

WHITE WATER White water hurrying to the blue mountain – why such haste to embrace your destination? Once there you won’t be coming back any time soon. Relax, love the moonlight on the mountain, but take your time. Enjoy the …

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