Sam Sampson

Distant Trees

Trees in pleasing contrast side-on dark effect to draw the shape ink either flat or graded reality is an impression impressions aimed at that other interest : distant trees look across country distant size an important peculiarity of opposites it …

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NZ 6-Seater: A Chapbook Curated by Ian Wedde

Invited by Kent MacCarter to convene a 6-seater of local poets from this neck of the Pacific woods – New Zealand – I faced the usual short list of questions we all try to avoid answering:

1. What do you mean, ‘local’?
2. What do you mean, ‘Pacific’?
3. Can I invite my friends?

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I Spilled My Story

                                                       a raft plunged …             picadored green people tethered to years wend their way, squawking about an adventure without a conch, conversation you could swim in, also magnify …                                     bubbles … well-warped logicians … ionised passages             a deep-freeze refrigerates escapades and …

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