Ian Wedde

Ian Wedde spent a year in Berlin 2013-14 as the CNZ writer in residence hoping to be haunted by his German great-grandparents Heinrich August Wedde (a sailor who jumped ship in Wellington in 1875) and Maria Josephine Catharina Reepen (who came out by herself in 1876). All went well, and the hauntings are collected as The Little Ache: a German notebook.

from The Little Ache: a German notebook

4 ‘ … dichte und schöne Fenster.’ ‘Well-sealed and nice windows’ are what Frau Merkel the German Chancellor thinks epitomise what’s best about her country its core value the key performance indicator establishing its point of difference from draughtier places …

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NZ 6-Seater: A Chapbook Curated by Ian Wedde

Invited by Kent MacCarter to convene a 6-seater of local poets from this neck of the Pacific woods – New Zealand – I faced the usual short list of questions we all try to avoid answering:

1. What do you mean, ‘local’?
2. What do you mean, ‘Pacific’?
3. Can I invite my friends?

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The Lifeguard, part 7

A buzzing in the ears as if bees were swarming in my thoughts or as if my head had become a clearing in the forest filled with the never-too-late serenades of cicadas at summer’s end makes me long for the …

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