I Spilled My Story

By | 31 January 2013

                                                       a raft plunged …

            picadored green people tethered to years wend their way, squawking about an
adventure without a conch, conversation you could swim in, also magnify …

                                    bubbles … well-warped logicians … ionised passages

            a deep-freeze refrigerates escapades and layers link the lake

                        the ice harvest

            V-shaped bars scene perched in Voice: loud hoo-hoooo … bee, ze, ey,
ay … headlamps, holes in the skull            saw and lift off… to enlarge we head
upstairs over to the room full of holes … sylvan slums

                                                O bright suit, white from place of the cruel rook, return
then be done

                                    (antiques draped in velvets)

            moth wired in the aquarium            (this scene is allowed)

voice ambushes and we are built to divine perseverance, orange amplified
with cedar-beak : interior wall … active aviary … bees breeze

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