I Spilled My Story

By | 31 January 2013

… interned, burly bearded

Mr Zui a botanist-zoologist tasted it, arranging studies by radar and radio
telescopes … frequencies reset the sleep-O-matic … O how it internalises voices …
O how its presence sharks, and silver jacks shutter: tiny fish guard historical reasons,
and the worldly home spits out simple configurations, like winging into the evening’s
fractured yellow … languishing beneath the framed module; how it marked the first
stitches (like red sutures threading the Alaska Range) Anchorage engaging from one
end: unearthed, a salt-mine man sleeping as numerous kings who had fallen on the
fallowed year, the rare golden (sunset) with its widespread digits: at the edge of town
an anachronism: covered, rediscovered plastic figurines …

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