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rob mclennan Reviews 70 Canadian Poets, Fifth Edition

The fifth volume in editor Gary Geddes’s series of anthologies is 70 Canadian Poets. Predominantly produced as a mainstream-leaning overview of Canadian poetry for university courses, the anthologies exist as worthy introductions to the past century-plus of Canadian poetry. The series is now nearly fifty years old, and began with the original 15 Canadian Poets, co-edited with Phyllis Bruce (Oxford, 1970), before heading into 15 Canadian Poets Plus 5, also co-edited with Phyllis Bruce (Oxford, 1978), 15 Canadian Poets x 2 (Oxford, 1988) and 15 Canadian Poets x 3 (Oxford, 2001), with the new volume existing as a kind of 15 Canadian Poets x 4-and-two-thirds.

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The second difficulty is the sphere itself                Lisa Samuels, Tomorrowland Parkland, ring roads, tree. Reticent, without. Balance. Adhere, this slogan gap. I remember now, this fact. This lack of fierce, a hollow shaft. Demolished. ~ Language is             a health issue. Above …

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rob mclennan is a prolific poet, editor, publisher, etc. his 9th trade collection of poetry is “what's left” (Talonbooks, 2004), & another, “stone, book one” is forthcoming this fall with Palimpsest Press. the editor of, among others, “Groundswell: best of above/ground press, 1993-2003 (Broken Jaw Press, 2003), he currently lives in Ottawa, Canada's glorious capital. He often says things on his clever blog –

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