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By | 1 September 2013

The second difficulty is the sphere itself
               Lisa Samuels, Tomorrowland

Parkland, ring roads, tree. Reticent, without. Balance. Adhere, this slogan gap.

I remember now, this fact. This lack of fierce, a hollow shaft. Demolished.


Language is             a health issue. Above the earth.


Centretown, reduce. Paves, depraved. Victoria Museum. Decorum, conifers; long grass.

Water, you are not. I hate you.

Gréber, drew a line. War delayed. That which pulse, we did not need invent. Union Station stays, it strays. A line come over, beauty. Where is the water. We were looking at the water.

An echo, not the same as speech. A virtuous maiden. Words, repeat.


A stammer plan has been so             lovely, made.


Words, repeat. Typically features a bridge. In one corner, treehouse. Subjectivity. This truth, in various. The importance of this, states.

Technique, names. Embrace. A public, works.

Says, I love you, anyway. Serves the public trust. Collage, we mean such operates. Prime Minister Mackenzie King’s crystal ball. Calls back his dogs.

Squawked, a st             ammer. An opening paragraph, replants. Maple, repeats. This oak. Crescent, Shirleys Bay.


Picks a stone he picks a stone he repicks packs a stone a lovely stone.


Common as the underbelly. Translation, ends. Hurls, the swinging door. Asks, vacate my rented lawn. Remove thyself. Birds, pass through. What occupy. Right hand won’t give.

Vegetation, spreads. Strains, to meet horizon.

Largely undeveloped, threaten. Propose, an arc. Propose, at what the archive is.

Call me, answered. Fantasy. Again, the body. Significant, we are the same. Issues, raise young ashes. Denied, encased in silver birch.


I look into these boxes             stead. A stitch             continues.


Park, a landed wild. Acreage. Meaning of, protected fields. I would like to write you, in. Enacted.

Stony Swamp. Tell me, what does that hold. List, we pine.

Hard latch, blanket. Let me go. We recommend. Of course, I am incapable.

Sanctioned, discourse. Rationalities. Unceded native land. Grammatically irregular.


Tinfoil. A succession of statistics, wild. A bounty, leaf.


The reading, of a moment. Listing, where the pavement. Ends. So we say, this. A forested, suburbia. Boys woo girls beneath the fractured elm.

What does it mean, to want. Local, matters.

Greenbelt, holds. Surrounds the city core. Environmental, buffer. Clamour. Were we not mentioned. Leaves begat, these leaf-notes chain. For instance.

Contradiction, frames a meaning. Searchlight, autumn. A few lines. Water, surrounds.


Occupy:             that single word.


In the raw, unspoiled. Is, determined. Is, an island. Manuscript, aground. Is strictly named.

A pleasure drowned, farewell. Cows crunch grass, a passive Holstein. We resident, remember.

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