Reagan R Maiquez

N.F.S. (No Further Stay)

It is enshrined how many steps, how many minutes, seconds or days you can stay within this home / land as borders have been protected on air, water, and all this vastness of a continent, is- -land. You are only …

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8 arms with six legs and a talon as sharp as gall-blastocystic-glass, their mouths full of words: decay, cannibalism, churning soliloquy, siblings, now a nest waiting for a mother-vulture-canine kind. Wolves howling like a wind, puffing to wash the sea …

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4 Translated Reagan R Maiquez Poems

Image courtesy of Reagan R Maiquez That Moment when an Owl Watches over Love At that moment when an owl watches over love, your sleep becomes my heart’s waking up. The wind cradles the disquiet of your departure in the …

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