N.F.S. (No Further Stay)

By | 1 November 2019

It is enshrined

how many steps,

how many minutes,

seconds or days

you can stay

within this home / land

as borders have been protected

on air, water, and all this vastness

of a continent, is-


You are only allowed,

temporarily, and permitted to become

a resident, provided

you adhere to these conditions:

• you must be an able, no violation,

• you must be under the law, lawful and legal,

• you must provide an identity, a valid and verifiable

and biometrically you,

• you must undergo all necessary checks,

no third-world disease, no tuberculosis, no form

of burden to the state funds, not a terrorist,

not arriving on a vessel that illegally beached,

nor on a plane without an authority to travel

and pass through this port

/ sentry.

• you will genuinely

marry and be in an inclusive relationship,

• you must work within this load (no cash

on hand),

• you must not get sick, or get

an insurance,

• you must assure and abide

by the rules, all the time, despite the law

and employer failing you for the nth time,

or else a rubber stamp,

an electronic record

or an officer will say:

no further stay,

no further stay,

and go away.

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