Raelee Lancaster

an afternoon on Minjerribah

for Ariana daydreaming in togs, day-napping on blow-up mattresses in winter sun— we could barely hear ourselves over the battering ram of birdsong. an island pigeon flew low over our bodies as we tried to spot the willy wagtail camouflaged …

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A portrait of myself as an artist

For Chloe i. I’m in these mountains alone, bar the magpies and my own stray thoughts. Cigarette burns are stitched into the wood of my table, marking the days between each bad decision; we know their names better than our …

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Year of the Aboriginal Inspired by popular words and phrases from “Redfern Address” Paul Keating (1992) the year of the indigenous we cannot imagine that they have shaped our nation year of the aboriginal the year we imagine we non …

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Raelee Lancaster Reviews Alison Whittaker’s Blakwork

My sister and I devoured Blakwork. She’s nine and I’m not sure if she understood most of what Alison Whittaker talks about in this collection, but it resonated with her. With both of us.

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paper crane

he was locked inside a three-inch tall ivory cage suspended by a hook that wrapped around a bulletin pin on a blue-felt board above my bed he sat perched on the small crisscrossed base vertical bars stretched around his oily …

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