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Year of the Aboriginal
Inspired by popular words and phrases from “Redfern Address” Paul Keating (1992)

the year of the

we cannot imagine that
have shaped
our nation

year of the

the year we imagine
we non aboriginal
how much
we took

we non aboriginal
i say it because
how well we cannot

we non aboriginal
we failed

fifty thousand years
in history books

we cannot imagine
we are beginning
are beginning

year of the

we are beginning
we non aboriginal
to recognise how much
we took

We homes where hearts go to rest
Inspired by popular words and phrases from “The Forgotten People” Robert Menzies (1942)

you who do not believe in class
you who do not believe class is to be
as if at the end we speak of frugality
as if the middle eat and drink
are equal

give the workers the scale
the answer we are human
and homes this class this margin
in a false war

you eat and drink and be drink
and be and come out to discourage those
who believe the truth
that power and material

i do not believe that homes
material homes human homes spiritual
eat drink and be merry at the end
as if we have the time
as if it weren’t the end
as if it were

It’s time
Inspired by popular words and phrases from “It’s Time” Gough Whitlam (1972)

my fellows we will—
do you believe we will?
I put these questions to you, are you
prepared? crisis after crisis, week after
week, will we—will you
accept another two hundred
and forty years of this? will we—will you
again entrust the nation’s economy
to men? we have a new chance
for our nation, we can recreate
a nation.

australia cannot stand still
at such a time, australia
cannot stand time. we are determined
that country shall be restored to its rightful place
as participant, partner, owner. we will
put the land back into the business of running
australia. we will establish a new australia.
my fellows, we will—it’s time,
we will.

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