Rachel Fenton

Alters; Aspects from La Trobe Track, Karekare (after Anita Heiss)

In terms of the image I’ve produced for ‘I don’t hate you, but …’ I thought a lot about the poem’s call for the reader to be self-reflective, to observe, and in particular to preach.

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After Emily Valentine, 2013 She started out in a factory – up before the cock crows and scuffs its spurred, scaled feet in a land far, far, away (still) where men and women sleep in cages, baker’s dozen to each …

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Portrait of Valentine

After Roland Penrose, 1937 Those I have loved, the three; how they preen. Green eyed, finch-flecked first kisser. Cheek skimmed, I kicked the sleepers home that night mam called to warn of trains and the Yorkshire Ripper. Long since the …

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