Rachel Fenton

Rachel J Fenton was born in Yorkshire in 1976 and currently lives in Auckland. Most recently shortlisted for the "Fish International Poetry Prize" and "The Royal Society of New Zealand Manhire Prize", her poetry is published in JAAM, Blackmail Press, brief, Otoliths, French Literary Review, Poetry Bus, and many online venues. AKA Rae Joyce, she is featured in New Zealand Comics and Graphic Novels (Hicksville Press) and won the "AUT Creative Writing Prize" for her graphic poem "Alchemy Hour".

Alters; Aspects from La Trobe Track, Karekare (after Anita Heiss)

In terms of the image I’ve produced for ‘I don’t hate you, but …’ I thought a lot about the poem’s call for the reader to be self-reflective, to observe, and in particular to preach.

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After Emily Valentine, 2013 She started out in a factory – up before the cock crows and scuffs its spurred, scaled feet in a land far, far, away (still) where men and women sleep in cages, baker’s dozen to each …

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Portrait of Valentine

After Roland Penrose, 1937 Those I have loved, the three; how they preen. Green eyed, finch-flecked first kisser. Cheek skimmed, I kicked the sleepers home that night mam called to warn of trains and the Yorkshire Ripper. Long since the …

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