Maria Zajkowski

Review Short: Maria Zajkowski’s The Ascendant

The challenge for any author in writing a book about death is to somehow make the subject seem both itself and new at the same time. Death is familiar, but poetry about death should not be. A good poet will give death impact without slipping into easy sentimentalism. Maria Zajkowski – winner of the 2011 and 2012 Josephine Ulrick Poetry Prize – undoubtedly succeeds in this regard with her debut collection The Ascendant, creating a vulnerable portrait of the poet through evocations of possession and loss.

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One Word D’elfin

Where families go to be families, unseen and unseeing   The photograph has all of its teeth, it’s an elf, a brief elf. The sun makes pale the over-constructed nose, the wispy hints of vanishings. It’s an age trap where …

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Species Counterpoint

Last night a few stars came into our room and the moon in a dark suit sifted through my washing. I watched as dreams performed above your head little snowstorms in a night-bubble. Through your body a tide came and …

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Colour 1962 – 2003

Somewhere in the colour of sleep is a shade of you. I listen but you're long into the night already. The horse I ride sweats yet we barely cover the length of our echo through the tableland of this nocturnal …

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