Magdalena Ball


An object travelling fifteen miles a second in close collision course trajectory I thought of the earth receiving the blow in her solar plexus radiating nerves and ganglia two million hectares rivers, forests, floodplains exploded instantly into winter such terrible …

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Ivy Ireland Reviews Petra White and Magdalena Ball

Approaching new work from such sharp, prolific and often dazzling poets as Magdalena Ball and Petra White is arguably no job for a quiet morning. Both White’s Reading for a Quiet Morning and Ball’s Unmaking Atoms demand (and duly reward) close attention.

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Apparently Soccer

She woke flying, her cheeks burnt to a flush, the world an illusion in lipstick tones of green, a loudspeaker advertising local services-if you need a new car speak to the guys at green Toyota. Everything green washed. The grass …

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Old Wounds

It was the day after the day you nearly strangled the dog pushing her into the dirt my eyes bulged lips glued tight while you shouted keep up. I don’t think it’s possible for skin to get any whiter than …

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