By | 1 February 2020

An object
travelling fifteen miles a second
in close collision course

I thought of the earth
receiving the blow
in her solar plexus
radiating nerves and ganglia

two million hectares
rivers, forests, floodplains
exploded instantly into winter
such terrible alchemy

the crisscross of lines
across distended hips
tears to amber.

I could be there
first in the queue
taking the hit for our planet

sensing the shiver as the rock enters
a new species in deadly motion
riding shockwaves: exogenesis.

There are other scars below the crust
keloids of industry
we’re an industrious race
always working, metabolizing, metastasising.

Proof runs along the fault line
in warning shades of phosphorous green.
tailings, diggings, burning, tunnelling

liquid reserves in aqua blue
iridescent blooms and red tides
the trace of radionuclides

carbon spheres changing the signal
in sedimentary rock layer

arriving faster than the speed of sound
undoing all our fine damage
at the point of impact.

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