James Joyce

One Size Fits All: On Out To Lunch’s Unpublished BLAKE

In Laudem Authoris Must Non-sence fill up every Page? Is it to save th’expence Of wit? or will not this dull Age Be at the Charge of sence? But […] though Fortune play the Whore, Let not the Vulgar know …

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Poetry as Extorreor Monolothe: Finnegans Wake on Bakhtin

I was out drunk with friends one night in Perth, Western Australia. My father had just died. We were walking home, so to speak, and our path took us past the Church of Christ. At that, I launched myself at the wall of the church, found a toehold and lunged up into the air. I grasped the ‘t’ decal and with all my weight managed to prise it from the wall. The Church of Chris looked down upon us all. I continued on my way home, or rather to here, but not without the occasional somewhat gratified memory of the incident. I cannot help thinking of the sudden appearance of the Church of Chris as a sort of revelation, with something to say about the truth of something. That is what reading Finnegans Wake is like.

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