Jack Hibberd

J S Harry’s ‘tunnel vision’, Vicious Sydney and The Car Story

As I began this essay on J S Harry’s poem ‘Tunnel Vision’ several years ago (2006) the radio drive shows in Sydney were full of opinions, mainly angry, concerning a report that a male teacher, in an English class, encouraging students to find as many words in ‘Australia’ as they could, had led the way by showing them how it contains the word ‘slut’, and then, when asked what that meant – it must have been a young primary-school class – had told them that it was a word used to describe women.

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A Jesus Kind of Joy (after Jack Hibberd)

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A Jesus Kind of Joy

I profess an interest in it all, The world-wide symphony of things, The good, the hopeless and the small, The crass cacophony that sings. I hope for you, the not so tall And the always about to win, I wish …

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