ian bell


  ///////////// NOW HEAR THIS //////////////////////////////////////////// WE ALL LIVE IN A YELLOW SUBMARINE ///////////////// CERTAIN CREW MEMBERS MOTIVATED BY EXTREMISM AND THE DESIRE FOR PERSONAL GAIN //////// WOULD RATHER IT WERE GREEN ///////////////////////////////// LET ME ASSURE YOU //////// HOWEVER //// …

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Ian Bell: riot

you poked a hole in my chest and hoovered my heart out you burgled me while I was busy blagging you it was a riot sure that hit home like a baton round when you took off when I got …

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Ian Bell: why da was a Elvis impersonator

my da was The King, and don't laugh because it's not funny because I watched that man suffer up like a Lilty at the scrake of dawn his haunting uhuhuh ahoohoo wafted round us getting ready for school we watched …

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