James Ian Bell

James Ian Bell is a Melbourne poet. A collection of his poems, Welcome Abroad, was published in 2010 by Ginninderra Press under the Indigo imprint edited by Alan Gould and Geoff Page. Welcome Abroad is available through the Ginninderra Press web site. “Everyone’s an immigrant in Welcome Abroad, the new collection of transcendental low-fi poetry by James Ian Bell.” Contact James via email.


  ///////////// NOW HEAR THIS //////////////////////////////////////////// WE ALL LIVE IN A YELLOW SUBMARINE ///////////////// CERTAIN CREW MEMBERS MOTIVATED BY EXTREMISM AND THE DESIRE FOR PERSONAL GAIN //////// WOULD RATHER IT WERE GREEN ///////////////////////////////// LET ME ASSURE YOU //////// HOWEVER //// …

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Ian Bell: riot

you poked a hole in my chest and hoovered my heart out you burgled me while I was busy blagging you it was a riot sure that hit home like a baton round when you took off when I got …

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Ian Bell: why da was a Elvis impersonator

my da was The King, and don't laugh because it's not funny because I watched that man suffer up like a Lilty at the scrake of dawn his haunting uhuhuh ahoohoo wafted round us getting ready for school we watched …

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