Francesca Sasnaitis

unstable edge

I You say, I wish I were floating still and you are in the timeless place they call childhood a photograph II Look, there you are— a red dot floating in the middle of the blue in defiance of land …

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Review Short: David Stavanger’s The Special

David Stavanger won the 2013 Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize. The resulting book, The Special, is his first full-length collection of poetry, and is dedicated to ‘the dead/ who are bravely living/ (and to those who wake wild-eyed in the dark)‘, a salute to people who suffer the acute distress of mental illness.

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Review Short: Carol Jenkins’s Xn

Xn has been described as a ‘mathematical metaphor for poetry’ and Carol Jenkins as a science-poet, but these are misleading claims. Jenkins’s vocabulary may derive from the sciences, but her themes are firmly grounded in the domestic. From the cosmic to the most mundane, nothing is beneath her scrutiny:

nothing is too large to think into being
or too small to overlook once I turn
my mind that way, such as this pen
the poem and even you.
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Slip Stream

I The ship is lost, a minor nothing Tossed on tempest harassed seas________________BOOM! BOOM!______BOOM!______thunder brays. The master of creation sprays the deck with spume and wrack; Answers with a galeforce screech And lightning blaze astreak a brindled sky. Our wretched …

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