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Review Short: Corey Wakeling’s The Alarming Conservatory

The Sydney launch of Corey Wakeling’s second collection of poetry The Alarming Conservatory at Frontyard Projects in Marrickville upended the traditional build up of acts that most expect from a poetry launch, with poets reading in an order drawn from a hat.

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Avalon Airport / How to Unatomise the Fragment

Is a day, sending two messages, going for a swim, making a soup & doing the crossword, enough? The human rights watch articulates clearly on tv Debating, not without minimal despair, the applications Something feels unwell, or wasted (time-sick) I …

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7 a.m. refractions

take thought a strainer for tea after steeping catch the fall of leaves watch the colour rearrange

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… thought is not a sentence at all, but, after several explosions, a fallout in words … Hélène Cixous … Strolling under a constellation some moments strike like lightning spasmodic astral body, gambler’s luck “toute pensée emit un coup de …

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