Avalon Airport / How to Unatomise the Fragment

By | 1 August 2018
  1. Is a day, sending two messages, going for a swim, making a soup & doing the crossword, enough?
  2. The human rights watch articulates clearly on tv
  3. Debating, not without minimal despair, the applications
  4. Something feels unwell, or wasted (time-sick)
  5. I do not wish to think about cutting into bodies, of bodies being cut into
  6. I still wish to explore patterns
  7. What does the metrical mean?
  8. The brain / mind wishes to garner momentum
  9. Thinking of Anne Carson’s Decreation
  10. What was out of the blue today?
  11. Where am I when I’m …
  12. There is the science and the jut of parataxis
  13. I still have no alternative phrase for “kill two birds with one stone”
  14. I am wanting an alternative phrase for the violence of the expression is just a bit too much for me
  15. Imagine throwing a rock at a bird, killing it, and having the rock ricochet off the dead bird and striking and killing another bird
  16. To achieve two things at once
  17. In one fell swoop
  18. Fuck.
  19. At Avalon Airport aboard the Skybus to Geelong
  20. About to turn onto the highway I see a magpie whose wing is caught between barbed wire
  21. It’s in obvious distress, flapping its wings futilely, how long has it been
  22. I consider calling the airport to alert them so they can assess the situation and rescue the bird
  23. But I do not make the call
  24. I am thinking feeling bad is irresponsible if it is not acted on
  25. I am irresponsible
  26. I am not even close to conceiving of an alternative phrase
  27. Though it is daydreamed of
  28. Today on the bus, chin on arms leaning on the seat in front of me, I am listening to Is this desire? While driving through the Adelaide Hills (I have
    never been to the Adelaide Hills)
  29. Meandering still feels lost on me
  30. Happiest when contemplating the crossword grid, the ‘performative encounter’ which allows for new positions, unexpected collisions, potentialialites
  31. The benefit of multidisciplinary (often spoken of) but is it taken on
  32. Of metaphor (according to Ricoeur) of placing two different things side by side to create new and meaningful relations
  33. I didn’t realize people are so scared of metaphor
  34. The people who are scared of metaphor are throwing stones and killing their chances
  35. Reading about the fragment and blank space
  36. Ancients texts are made fragments by history. Modern texts by design.
  37. This is not fragmentary
  38. I am more interested in how to be the opposite of atomised
  39. How to be the opposite of neo-liberal
  40. It’s better not to be teleological
  41. It’s harder
  42. How to unatomise the fragment
  43. How to not kill birds

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