Eddie Paterson

Review Short: Eddie Paterson’s redactor

As a physical object with an online extraction, Eddie Paterson’s new book of poems, redactor, presents the performance of mark-making in an ever expanding digital sphere. The juxtaposition between the white of the page and the black of the ink has long provided a site for textual collision, one that was used to great effect by the concrete poets and the French Symbolists.

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Sheep Poems

The Review scott rated it colleen rated it shannon rated it catriona rated it lyn rated it brittany rated it lynda rated it andy rated it don rated it apatt rated it dirk rated it szplug rated it sarah rated …

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love story

these preliminaries & wrap-ups are superfluous if anything sounds like repetition as a rule of thumb or in the first instance you need to ‘pick out the eyes’ of the poem & remember to reduce the apparatus as notes should …

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mixtape (sub-version):

THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE I’VE EVER HEARD ANYONE PLAY THE SOUNDTRACK FROM GHOSTBUSTERS sadly my dad is not rapping in hebrew with his rainstick, it just sits there next to the pile of newspapers we have.. i spent good …

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