mixtape (sub-version):

By | 1 December 2011

THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE I’VE EVER HEARD ANYONE PLAY THE SOUNDTRACK FROM GHOSTBUSTERS sadly my dad is not rapping in hebrew with his rainstick, it just sits there next to the pile of newspapers we have.. i spent good money on that thing, do you want bubblegum for your cough? ____ is cute & we have fought twice, which isn’t bad. (both times about her mobile.) my results were ok, but not perfect. there is a castle here. grandma is convinced a MUSLIM woman is cutting the heads off her gardenias. she seems to be covered in a layer of what appears to be fine dust. or ash. perhaps i’m a marxist? this is not like _____ coming out in one he was the bigfoot & he & neil diamond were selling an album they’ve made on garage band i went to see kevin johansen play for a second time. drunk a lot of mate. haven’t got a job. today i helped a man catch his runaway donkey. but i had better start from the start. everything else in tokyo seems to be just as good as
their toilets. it’s weird to be in a place with no bogans tomorrow we’re going to disneyland! my boss watched centerstage…she tell me to write this movie…i want a nice bed linen…i loved so much to stay the wife…i want that here in japan i am an old man. & you are a beautiful chicken. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! this marks one week without an infection. no pus for you! we are professional blueberry pickers. we are now professional apple pickers. sorry for my lacadazeical approach & spelling of lackadazecal i am the quote dirty dirty child who doesn’t succeed & hasn’t made the movie of the year. love, john-hair-implants-didnt-work-galliano o i think i can be famous…but i feel tired…please lets go shopping i miss you like it is winter here.


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