Daniel John Pilkington

The Moderns

Heroic Anagrams after Ian Hamilton Finlay D.H. Lawrence HEWN CRADLE Gertrude Stein RESURGENT TIDE Sylvia Plath LAVISHLY APT Ezra Pound ZERO AND UP Robert Lowell BELL OR TROWEL? Hart Crane THE ARC RAN Wallace Stevens LEVELS CAST ANEW T.S. Eliot …

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You Want It Darker

after Leonard Cohen There is a crack in everything. It’s how the light gets in. The crack is that there is something, some thing in the light.

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I I I per for like I I I pace cross but I I I past by pro I I I till in cum I I I at less on I I I plus pre off I I I I …

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from sonnet(s)

desire rose by memory contracted with a sweet thou the content in this grave called so those poor pictures flow our bones desperate with charms and past death rich thriving and a heaven told some take birth accordingly and mirth …

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When we remember being born death is a star or a synapse fearful. When we read minds faces disappear or we as jellyfish dream a quaquaversal conversation. When we touch histories skin tunnels into choice as all the senses of …

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Wholly? Holey? Holy

sea? See there they’re their world: whirled weal … We’ll wheel weather, whether awe or ore (pattern paten). . Know no praise preys (prays I ). Eye, for four fore- ways, weighs … . Know no rays raze. Raise rays. …

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Alphabet Suit

Ardently bear censure donning extravagant frippery, giant hats, imposingly joyous kaftans— little miffs, needling officious people, queue ridicule. Suits tie, uniforms verify we’re xeroxed: yawning zealots.

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