By | 1 August 2016

When we remember being born
death is a star or a synapse
fearful. When we read minds faces
disappear or we as jellyfish
dream a quaquaversal conversation.
When we touch histories skin tunnels
into choice as all the senses
of a yawp
fetishize our monologue. When we
grow limbs organs constellations
mystics love mistakes. When we fly
through the body healing phantoms
pareidolia causes cancer
so we become impenetrable.
When we work we clean images.
When we swarm for the first time roses
are read. When we move things thinking
that this be done in the absence
of permission all that grief is ours.
When we know the mind is quicker
than light and when we know the mind
is quicker than light we are apt
to smile. When we dematerialize
or level up
the very how of fancy
what we fancy speaks to speak with us.
When we see the future storms taste
of reflux. When we create dimensions
everybody receives a pet
apocalypse and many choose
evergreens. When we summon wind
water fire electricity
there are no others or appraisals.

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