Daniel John Pilkington

Daniel John Pilkington is a poet from Melbourne. He is currently studying a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Melbourne.

You Want It Darker

after Leonard Cohen There is a crack in everything. It’s how the light gets in. The crack is that there is something, some thing in the light.

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I I I per for like I I I pace cross but I I I past by pro I I I till in cum I I I at less on I I I plus pre off I I I I …

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from sonnet(s)

desire rose by memory contracted with a sweet thou the content in this grave called so those poor pictures flow our bones desperate with charms and past death rich thriving and a heaven told some take birth accordingly and mirth …

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When we remember being born death is a star or a synapse fearful. When we read minds faces disappear or we as jellyfish dream a quaquaversal conversation. When we touch histories skin tunnels into choice as all the senses of …

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Wholly? Holey? Holy

sea? See there they’re their world: whirled weal … We’ll wheel weather, whether awe or ore (pattern paten). . Know no praise preys (prays I ). Eye, for four fore- ways, weighs … . Know no rays raze. Raise rays. …

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Alphabet Suit

Ardently bear censure donning extravagant frippery, giant hats, imposingly joyous kaftans— little miffs, needling officious people, queue ridicule. Suits tie, uniforms verify we’re xeroxed: yawning zealots.

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