Andrew Zawacki


The day brings minor violences made in the image of money : dirty martini sunlight, sluggish, airplanes taking off and touching down inside my ears, a collapse of reflective weather on radar, its red blotches moving out, a panic amassing …

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Martin Downey Reviews Andrew Zawacki

Had I bothered to check the liner notes at the rear of the book before starting it, I would have discovered that Zawacki's effort is No. 61 (in alphabetical order), and edited by one Bin Ramke. I found this interesting when I finally arrived at that point, and it is something I shall return to during this review, as I believe editors play an important role in bringing cohesion to an author's work.

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Q&A with Andrew Zawacki

In April this year, Michael Farrell and US poet Andrew Zawacki travelled to the Queenscliffe Festival of Words, catching a dose of cabin fever on the way – //0. Do you think Australian poets are a depressed lot? By and …

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This is how I know: because summer kept escaping from the wine, and people were left behind with no explanation; because it’s hours until the paperboy leaves, or the beekeeper wakes from his dreams of a beekeeper waking to clean …

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