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Martin Downey Reviews Bruce Dawe

This suite of poems provides a remarkable insight into the troubled times that Australia, and the rest of the world, are only now beginning to realize. It is not the charitable/humanist/philanthropic gesture made by both poet and publisher (see Postscript) through this collection of poems that drives me to speak of Bruce Dawe's latest writings.

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Martin Downey Reviews Andrew Zawacki

According to the hyperbole contained on the back cover of this fine-looking book, I was about to embark on a wonderful journey through 'widlerness littered with petrochemical and astrophysical artifacts (sic) -' and with 'the sweep of its cadences, its powers of invention, its amazing subtle intelligence' &#151 amongst other things &#151 set to allow my 'soul' to 'squint' at 'meticulously recorded landscapes'.

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