A. Frances Johnson


Hummingbird Drone Open the cage now. Who amongst us hasn’t sung an urge to fly and kill? Complex muscles move wings. It’s the hardest thing of all for scientists to replicate. Fool. You always thought that whirring inside you was …

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Microaviary (after A. Frances Johnson)

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A. Frances Johnson Reviews Jill Jones

‘Why wish for the moon when we have the stars’, Bette Davis famously aspirates to Paul Henreid at the end of the film Now Voyager (1942, dir. Irving Rapper). That, of course, was an iconic, melodramatic story of unrequited love given an optimistic gloss by two lovers sharing last cigarettes. Jill Jones’ ambiguously rendered celestial bodies serve up different ideas of love and loss in this new collection. Jones’ stars, moons, candles, clouds and smoky skies are part of an identifiable romantic lexicon.

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