By | 1 November 2018

the horizon
a flat lining heartbeat
encroaching darkness
retracting all
until the formlessness
stays the madness
)fluttering breath
the wings of bats overhead(

remember when you
used to envy her pillow
permitted to retain
her sweat scent spit

the sky
is a liar
tall tales still
in thin moving clouds
the threatened downpour
dissipating the promised
cleanse diminishing

remember when every
dip and curve was
your revered nation
religion and patriotism
suddenly consummate in
your previously anarchic
being as your fingers
whispered secrets down her belly

the trees
are sentinels
protecting the no ones
protecting them
in the shade
she’s most brilliant
parts of her hidden

remember when excuses
tumbled from between lips
still wet from her lips
still wet from your cunt

the sun
made from bees
vibrates mightily
burning even the most
conscientious as though to
prove a point

remember when she
started disappearing into
her ugliness
flushed cheeks fresh
with “fuck you’’-s so violent
your breath left
erratic patterns in your
chest connect the dots
gone all wrong

the birds
a cacophony
of ordered chaos
a crowd of witnesses
crowing at dawning rituals

remember when tea
scolded both
your tongues each
but even that
couldn’t burn the
laughter out of you

the earth
unsteady shifting
not half as strong
as its reputation a mass of

remember when she
realised you could die
denied it every day
until she fled
across that lying sky
into that beatless


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