Candy Royale

Candy Royale always will be.


The spines of books digging into our skin I feel them pressing in as we kiss this joining of multiple loves intellectual divine The hot mess of your sex panting pressing wet black lines on white pages neat and tidy …

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the horizon a flat lining heartbeat encroaching darkness retracting all until the formlessness stays the madness )fluttering breath the wings of bats overhead( remember when you used to envy her pillow permitted to retain her sweat scent spit the sky …

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Silence (Maria the first)

Standing on the platform at Central Station nervous fidgeting eyes darting seeking your face out amongst moving masses there you are rushing towards me anxious smile I hug you tight with a mouthful of hello knowing the awkwardness of three …

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don’t look down

your scars a brutal beautiful forging through life even as deaths gristly hold tries to drag you down the jagged edges of scar tissue something like a zipper you joke will be your next tattoo dust particles tap dance off …

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