Sun Tong Lee and Company, Gulgong, 1872

By | 1 November 2015

A Chinaman with strange and delicious sweets that melted in our mouths, and rum toys
and Chinese dolls for the children. − Henry Lawson, Christmas in the Goldfields

Sun Tong Lee, Storekeeper and Importer
has large shipments to arrive
from China and Sydney:
Tea, Rice, Sugar, Gentlemen’s Clothing,

boots, first-class English Calfskins, rope, tin ware,
plants in pots (‘very nice presents to those young ladies
who have a taste for floral beauty’), at such low prices
as will enable everyone to patronise him.

‘Any person requiring Chinese workmen
− Labourers, Carpenters, Painters or other
artisans − by applying to the above will be
supplied with reliable men.’

Herbert Street was busy,
especially on Sundays.
Chinese gods frowned on
wasting a good day of the week.

− after Sun Tong Lee’s Sydney Branch Store. Gulgong 1870-1875 − a2822392, the Holtermann Collection

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