1 February 2016


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3 Responses to (untitled)

  1. Eddie Hopely says:

    “(untitled)” is the name of this webpage,
    but it is not the title of the forthcoming content.

    This comment is a test. I intend to discover
    what kind of information will be included with


  2. Eddie Hopely says:


    each comment (e.g. date and timestamp
    of submission or approval and posting?—I

    don’t know) and therefore what kind of information
    I can expect to be legible, affective.

    I am leaning towards “(untitled) ‘Kenternet
    MacCorditer'” as the title.

  3. Eddie Hopely says:

    In reply to the above, the answer is ‘date
    and timestamp of approval and posting’.

    I have also learned to respect the line limit
    strictly imposed by the burial

    of the “Post Comment” button by the line motif
    immediately prior to the “Last”

    and “Next Post” elements, below—that
    limit is something like—

    Wait, what. Ok this has got me fucked up
    right now. Yesterday this text box was flexible,

    but it also ‘pushed’ the dynamic off-white box
    and crucial “Post Comment” button

    inaccessibly into the strata below; today
    the page itself grows

    and I can enter ~many lines—that formal
    ‘limit’ melts away. I lost the first version

    of my second comment—second and first
    split up because of this limit—yesterday,

    because I tried to submit them
    in rapid succession; the system

    ‘ate’ the comment and produced a line of text:
    “You are posting comments too quickly.

    Slow down.” So I thought, you know,
    this will be something to formally ‘grapple’

    with (now it’s just something I formerly
    ‘grappled’ with lol).

    I will start writing content ~very soon.
    This is going great so far though.

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