Listing lost days

By | 1 October 2020

28th March 10pm

Some dates
are a shape,
this is one such date
where I see something –
days are curved
in circles and spirals
people are losing their jobs
the young, the old are becoming ill.

29th March 1045pm

You and I are just two people
we are here
there is no going out, no seeing
The world’s contracted thus
But smallness is neat,
it is haircutting and sweeping
calling family
and peering at phones,
counting statistics
window cleaning
and gardening.

30th March 1225pm

Half the world is closed
some think the Government is controlling us
and we are cheering them on.
We follow podcasts, hopeful
we listen to the radio

1st April 945pm

The whole world is closed
and now we wait
in strange limbo
for the new warnings
and reports.
In the morning
I stand in the kitchen
weeping at the radio
there aren’t enough candles
to light
for Spain and Italy.

17th April 7pm

After days of quiet
I find a rhythm
cleaning the hidden parts of the house
where insects thought they were safe
I clean behind washing machine
I make piles for the op shop
for the tip
but boxes stay stacked
by the door.

20th April 1020pm

It is a warm night
fans turning
the dog settles out my window
a man yells far off
there’s often yelling
in distant snatches I miss.
The desert town is a memory of its past,
people knock on my door
asking for grog.

21st April 11pm

I’m attached to dark thoughts
I ignore the lack of tears
and am surprised
when they come.
But there are the small moments –
honeyeaters, a new leaf,
two pearl white eggs
of a feral pigeon,
things to look for –
things to focus on.

22nd April 1130pm

Too much Netflix:
Israeli security police drama,
a crazy tiger zoo,
the death toll rises
too quickly.
Little by little
my garden grows.

The world’s contracted thus from The Sunne Rising by John Donne

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