Stone Fella

By | 1 October 2020

In 1878, the base that mounts the stone fella was brought from Moruya to Sydney
It weighs eighteen tons and is stained with a plaque that reads ‘discoverer’.
Made to be so heavy that it could not be shifted
Two and a half times the weight of an elephant
Your permanence asserted through immovability,
my ancestors groaning beneath your burden.

It is widely known that igneous rocks are formed by magma cooling and congealing,
and that limestone comes into being from the calcareous left overs of organisms.
But what made you?
Massacre gleams through your stony exterior.
Patrols surround you in a ring, protecting your being
Perhaps if our bodies were made of stone
Reinforced concrete to persuade consciences
A heart beating through a dense rocky chest
Tears of granite
breath of basalt
Granular, coarse, taut.

Show them a limb made of ‘history’,
a tongue heavy with stories, heavy with silence
Replace our flesh and blood with a narrative of heroism
“Intrepid is he who plucks what he needs from the hands of others”
Reinforce our limbs with splinters of mistruth
Brush me over with one
or two
coats of pretence.
A sculpted artifice, cast over and over, caked with blood
Better you daub it now,
and as the paint dries
let it seep into the land, my land, her land
and wait for ancestral requite;
atavistic reckoning strengthened by your hatred.

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