Another Bushfire Poem

By | 1 October 2020


an early one tucked around the corner
by David Warner
the crowd really starting to feel the vibe
at the SCG
“Waltzing Matilda, Waltzing Matilda
you’ll come a-Waltzing Matilda with me”

welcome to the sydney cricket ground1 wherever you are around the world it’s a hot day out there and it’s only getting drier with water supplies running low and members drinking refreshments since 9am forecast is dry in most areas conditions continuing the pitch is predicted to crack in the heat a long and difficult battle ahead the australians will aim to bat trying to defend their homes until at least tea time barring a collapse or two fires potentially joining to create a mega-blaze on the border the pitch is showing early signs of turning a premeditated sweep into the number of missing has grown a bit hazy in sydney at the moment but met with a solid leave we’ve never been this prepared to stay and protect time for a break for all the players it’s hot out there areas of concern remain at concerning levels at five to three here in sydney its still 35 degrees so the australian captain tim paine will have that in mind it still looks fine to me to play a 15 over stint at the end less heat better conditions for bowling the perfect line as there is no safe level of natural variation just not sure if it’s gonna reverse swing or not it’s very dependent on the wind to stay or go as catastrophe threatens what’s the feeling there will the australian team be able to remain batting all day


to smith and with conditions never before seen in this state you can’t bowl like that to this field so frightening and fierce it’s been a tough morning as far as run scoring goes for the australians we’ve seen this kind of destructive fast bowling tactics before often seen on the world test stage the australians still struggling to deal with it and score successfully especially in such treacherous and unpredictable conditions like walking into a real life nightmare and that’s what makes test cricket so hard and beaten very close to the outside edge with such ferocity a very trying time terrifying 468 minutes labuschagne’s been out there now and is nearing his first double century he doesn’t like to stick around he likes to have a go this will come as a bittersweet revelation for those oppressive conditions but he’s had a bit of luck it was really a scene from another world earth turned into mars a lovely stroke there with this toxic smoke one of the shots of the day could be gone in moments and will no doubt be hit in the helmet again before the summer is out it’s only going to get worse or should we say get better the pitch is only going to spin more PR before people it’s starting to turn the wrong’un spun triggering warnings while this test match is going on our thoughts and prayers are with those affected popular landmarks so many people struggling all over the country is at its wits end and well done to everyone who has donated the power in this area has once again gone out there are no reviews and there’s no slip in places evacuation centres have been evacuated a chance for a flick off the hip


good shot really good shot you could hear trees exploding in the forest starc gets it through the gate steve smith gets his first blaze reaching emergency levels hammered by paine plenty of power in that stroke glorious absolutely glorious confirmation of another tragedy joe burns over the rope for six but cummins gets the last laugh he’s countered the tactics well i don’t think there’s anything left the australians understand that if we lose one we can’t lose a second wicket quickly that’s pulled away hard to the fence it goes this season marnus labuschagne’s batting has been freakish i’m sure it’s a summer he won’t want to forget i have never experienced anything like this you just run out of superlatives for this man trying to spend as much time indoors under raging winds for this kind of summer achievement the conditions are looking a bit gloomy not other people have been so lucky to be edged out with australia well on top and paine declaring with a lead of 420 as part of a wider relief package2


out and that’s the first breakthrough of the horrendous conditions reverse swinging incredibly quickly and late too only to be criticised and chased out of an embarrassment to be seen walking away a no-ball called a reservoir explosion yep on the replay it was the wrong’un set him up nicely when he thought it couldn’t get any worse it did turn putting their lives at risk so there’s some dry around the randwick street end that will bring a delight to nathan lyon and his off-spinners and that’s bowled him a moment of defiance against conditions that seemed so unstoppable doing nothing is not a solution as we see a backwards cut evading the silly point steve smith taking 39 balls to get off the mark now a comfortable drive through extra cover for four more monster inferno fears perhaps trying to shift the blame as well he’s dropped him can you believe it obscured by thick smoke he just got his feet wrong over the rope over the fence go go timing the ball to perfection now they have seen similar scenes only days ago


you gotta make your decision quick it’s getting more difficult to drive on this wicket there’s been some talk of reverse smoke and it’s looking a bit hazy for the first time a shortage of face masks over another maiden it’s looking a lot cloudier but i think there’s a bit of smoke amongst the yellow tinge pluming as we look through the glass here that’ll be out and one down a nervous wait for those families left behind as despite these big wickets where the bloody hell are ya the australians final review is being referred to the third umpire upstairs a dramatic federal intervention stay with your original out decision that’s it australia win the test it’s a very special day indeed3

another one tucked around the corner
by David Warner
the crowd really starting to feel the vibe
at the SCG
“Waltzing Matilda, Waltzing Matilda
you’ll come a-Waltzing Matilda with me”

1 Australians will be gathered whether it’s at the SCG
(Sydney Cricket Ground) or around television sets all around the country and
they’ll be inspired by the great feats of our cricketers from both sides of the
Tasman and I think they’ll be encouraged by the spirit shown by Australians and
the way that people have gone about remembering the terrible things that other
Australians are dealing with at the moment.
Scott Morrison, ABC Interview, 01/01/2020

2 But at the same time, whether they’re started by lightning storms or whatever
the cause may be, our firefighters and all of those have come behind them to support them (sic), whether they’re volunteering on the front line or behind the scenes in a great volunteer
effort, it is something that will happen against the backdrop of this Test match.

Scott Morrison, ABC Interview, 01/01/2020

3 And on television every night, with looks of professional apology,
weathermen and women standing in front of scarlet maps of Australia tell us
over and over again the news that makes sense of all these woes: according
to the best forecasts, we have at least weeks to wait for rain.

‘Australia is becoming a nation a nation of dread – and the world looks on
in with pity and scorn’
David Marr, The Guardian, 31/12/2019


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