intro to chinese politics

By | 1 October 2020

蹲点: to squat on a point for long enough that you belabour
the point, which is to gain enough experience to make a point
for you to squat on.

重点: all points are equal; some points are significantly more
equal than other points. use these in policy to add more weight
to your points.

工作队: saikang warriors with chinese characteristics. arrows
are stronger than bullet points in emphasizing the significance
of your campaign.

骨干: the backbone of a successful campaign requires
individuals who are willing to sacrifice their backbones to
ensure a successful campaign.

突破口: a breakthrough in your campaign; occurs when
cadres suddenly break their silence and open their mouths in
praise of their achievements.

扎根: pronounced, aptly, the same way one would say
“jargon”; literally means to strike roots. each step listed above
is jargon for how to 扎根.

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