(BandAid Medical 422.02)

By | 14 December 2009
(BandAid Medical 422.02)
pooh bear with a code on his back that would indicate
his birthday – or the use-by date of his last pot of honey
with that old bear sitting on one line holding glaciers together
while full metal jacket Jimi wails ’bout his Voodoo birth
heard as a bee-buzz in Chris Robin’s ipod earbud
blindly bumping into dark matter before escaping (through a nostril)
The glaciers show the rippling sky, and slide
beneath cool white languid language
in a room without borders where madness
has moaned with a diamond tongue of
derision that echoes and echoes.
Iced couplings fomenting flotsam flesh squeezed
You palmed my heartache at the corner drugstore
spread oaf on that thing! oaf ,and broad follic’lld bacon rind
Changeling spawn of piglet muttered darkly while watching lying Incubus prey
the succubus combed her hair, twirled her scotch on the rocks and she too
        stared at the pooh bear
pooh-poohing him
while his slow eyes began to blaze
Where am I?
challenging wodehouse cutter finds or makes straight bat rend angle?
an undercut, incision, laceration;
        transection of a carrot julienne,
        mincing, wincing …
        grimacing at the wodehouse cutter

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