M. F. McAuliffe

Born and educated in Adelaide and Melbourne, M. F. McAuliffe taught technical writing, media analysis and basic TV production to engineering and applied science students, before working as a political pollster, technical editor, and librarian. She made her US publishing debut in Damon Knight's Clarion Awards. In the following 25 years she published fiction and verse varied venues - Adelaide Review, Overland, Australian Short Stories, siglo; in 2000 La Mama Courthouse Theatre (Carlton) used her long poem "Orpheus" as a libretto. In 2002 she co-founded the award-winning, Portland-based magazine, Gobshite Quarterly, where she continues as contributing editor and co-publisher of GobQ Books.

(BandAid Medical 422.02)

(BandAid Medical 422.02) pooh bear with a code on his back that would indicate his birthday – or the use-by date of his last pot of honey with that old bear sitting on one line holding glaciers together while full …

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(BandAid Medical 422.02)

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