Pastoral Variations (Two Fragments)

By | 3 December 2008

the prairies wear the veil
of corporeal frontiers
like skin-grafts
a map whose land marks
the grain edge of formidable rivers,
the mark of trade routes
discernable only by sight
or song
dissected by barbed wire of varying tensions,
sung of atonal horizons over
the buried artefacts of the plains
which, once revealed,
catch the light and reflect
crepuscular bands
on the rusting foliage
of September's auspicious borders


over September's auspicious borders
a palimpsest drawn by constructs
and overlays of violence;
a refraction of the first hunt's
march through wet muskeg
the early morning silence never resolved
by aimless formations of flight, the prominent
form inaccessible to direction; an
unclosed system inhabiting motion
divines nature, the ceaseless
migration creates an ulterior space
as a function of groundcover
from which can be viewed this abundance of motion
which if it exists is
incompatible with restraint; thus ceaseless
thus unending thus indivisible
thus revealing
arteries and varicose veins by which
we must trace our land's genealogy
thus the constructs which exist
place the vertices of motion above
the stillness of horizons, a parallel
impasse bound by furious discourses
of fire, a skyline which cauterises,
a vector of motion
correlates to escape,
this is representative; it details a longevity
of oppositional intransigent,
the displacement of scalar intent
manifold heat, a moment
wing-shot, the circular
patterns of homeward migration;

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