By | 3 December 2008

Down below your thought of a man
The first man in five thousand or so

Our daughter riding her rainbow wave
Which guarded the dying watering hole

Saw you on the horizon
Couldn't take my eyes off you

You looked just like a willy-willy
You looked just like a brumby

The two metre tall eagle greeted us
Left me speechless stumbling in the dust

Trying to re-wire the routes of lorikeets
Spanner forged from a preacher's tongue

Drunks finding flaws with the silence
Skin sheets of abandoned incunabula

She never accepted a world without end
Our lines of latitude skipping into space

Giant bird spied through cataract crescents
Glaring through cooked captain sockets

Body on sun drenched Devil's Marbles
The cerise bush wearing each other well

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