the village waves

By | 15 September 2022

pock marked
etfuls of crypto grams
currency can’t pro create
ceed along bo ring
ulevards & num skull
bers won’t fla grant
vour the build up
ings with

however many in denture
dexes thaw arc hived
tic snaps & flo rally
od the seeping mar shy
gins w/sub urban
liminal sug arcane
gestions acr id
oss cool dis own
array of lit muses
tle worlds

in obse crating
rving arrangement of fending
moon, Jupiter, Ven oms
us, Mars, see inte rest
stines & see saw
too much / se men
eds of ne gated

to office wind less
ows to ma linger
ke friends trick shot
ed to com motion
mit to know ledge
able exo skeleton

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