She’s 26

By | 15 September 2022

she’s 26 and may not reach Seoul with a comic novel
introducing a sliding scale of charge d’affaires
in caustically measured written characters
loose on an airliner folded into resilient rainforests
drummed in a minute’s arithmetic
promising to make something like a natural sound
a hint of dictionary from a local chorus
ripe for a nostalgic poll vaulter’s enduring grip
abandoned under abandoned covers

which is exactly how the plateau was mentioned
below the steamed up skylight of two of them falling there
rejecting the prized labels and headcount
the sonorous cube of someone’s descent
entering on their hands
choosing conversations of gradually adjoining landmarks
the cape and his bearded terrain
of conspiratorial windowsills
denying an ocean’s review
of timeworn phrases drastically repeated
treated to a tenement of rushing streets
until perspective caught up with it
ambling in the fast lane
humming a word’s tessellated mirror

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