Open the Frog App

By | 15 September 2022

Open the frog app. This is an app for collecting facts.
Record and upload. A singer’s added to the frog song map.
The frog app is a translation app. I record clapsticks
and duelling washboards. I record a zydeco band.
Common eastern froglet is what the Australian Museum sends back.
Thank you for being part of our census. Why not join us on earbud safari?
The green stream frog squeezes from a styrofoam package;
the southern barred frog shells peas in a box made of timber
the striped marsh is chopping; this fretsaw work is the wallum rocket;
the broad-palmed frog thumbs a comb nonchalant
as the eastern banjo who’s floating up lobs.
I once asked, like a fool, where the tennis club was.
But with the frog app I found acceptance, found the guide
who leads me from avant garde throat singers, hiccupping buddhas,
back to the science of relative spawn depths, months for mating,
species distribution maps. Getting up close
the frog tells me whose pupils are vertical, round, or flat
and bears unflinching witness to blemishes, spots, and bands.
The frog app will not curate online personae.
Its expert identifications are cleansing a twittersphere
shouting alternative facts. For civil, for well-informed discourse
open the frog app. Top up your swamp. Replenish the tank.

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